What is a Design Partner Program?

Embarking on a Design Partner Program can serve as a fertile ground for garnering preliminary feedback on your products directly from potential customers. This program, characterized by an early access facility coupled with a prioritization feedback loop, facilitates swift incorporation of features based on customer testing and suggestions, aligning with their expectations as prospective paying clients. It stands distinct from Beta or Preview programs, necessitating a careful selection of design partners who reciprocate your commitment with their time and engagement.

  1. Preparation for a Design Partner Program
    • Establishes a conduit to engage customers keen on contributing to your product’s design and development.
    • Rewards customers with early access to the product and a say in determining the features to be integrated.
  2. Advantages of Initiating a Design Partner Program Early
    • Valuable Feedback: Enables the collection of constructive feedback on your products, guiding modifications and enhancements for a robust product and feature backlog during a wider public rollout.
    • Building Customer Relationships: Fosters the development of relationships with potential customers, potentially resulting in fruitful collaborations in the future owing to the established rapport.
    • Understanding Customer Preferences: Grants insights into customer desires and necessities, aiding in the development of products that resonate with customer expectations and distinguishing you from competitors.
    • Publicity and Customer Advocacy: Acts as a catalyst for generating publicity through early customer testimonials and endorsements, which can be instrumental in securing your initial substantial sales.

Design partners are the first few users you enlist to help you define your company’s problem space, and they help you shape your solutions as you gear up your product for market.

The above quote comes from, and this post was inspired by https://blog.tier.run/what-is-a-design-partner-program

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